Why do people do volunteer work?


Why do people do volunteer work? Many people in the world do volunteer work. Each nation has a lot of people who voluntarily take care of others. No matter who you are and how old you are, you all do volunteer work. There are many kinds of volunteer work such as visiting old or sick people, teaching poor children and so on. However, have you ever thought that why do people do volunteer work? In my opinion, there are five main reasons why people do volunteer work

why do people do volunteer work?
why do people do volunteer work?

The first reason is humanity. People, who feel lucky and have a good life feel the need to show their compassion for the less privilegded Thus, they want to share with them difficulties and sadness and help them overcome troubles. They want to bring happiness to poor and disabled children, to the boys who no longer have fathers and the girls who no longer have mothers. They want to help these children to school and teach them things which they usually learn from their parents. Besides, they take care of old and sick people because they consider them as their relatives and hope to help them conquer loneliness and sickness. They also want to teach their kids about humanity. They teach them to love and help others.

Secondly, people do volunteer work because it is what they’d like to spend their free time on, perhaps.” Instead of listening to music or playing games….. we like to do volunteer works. It is really interesting and we can also help others.” Some people shared.

Thirdly, some people do it because it is their work. These people usually work in voluntary organizations. They are paid for it.

The fourth reason, people who not only want to help but they also train their ability in activities of society, do volunteer work. They think it can both help others and train themselves. They also find out friends or people who share the sympathy with them.

Finally, above all things, people do volunteer work because they think that the happiest people in the world are those who help to bring happiness to others. It is one of the most successes in their life.

In a word, volunteer work is a happiness, right?!

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